Mark Brouwer Inc.

In this humorous and informative video, Mark shows you how to stay cool when your computer doesn’t work. This video is a distilled message for troubleshooting most computer system issues.

Tech support for environmentally friendly people:



Innovative Systems Developer


Mark Brouwer is an expert in systems development with experience in enterprise resource planning systems, sharing economies, blockchain technology, networks, websites and social media.


The sharing economy is a phrase used to describe the hundreds of services acting as a platform for strangers sharing things in the material world. Mark Brouwer is an Airbnb expert with over 3 years experience and positive reviews. The Lovejoy Homestead is a perfect example of an apartment transformed into a visitor destination.


As an early adopter in innovative electric transportation, Mark’s Tesla Model X 60D is available on the sharing economy platform turo.


Coaching and consulting services are available by appointment.